‘Transplant and Life’ by Tim Wainwright and John Wynne.

This installation is the third collaborative project between the photographer Tim Wainwright and the sound artist John Wynne; it can be seen inside one of the London’s most curious and (for some) bizarre museums, The Hunterian Museum, that contains the complete collection of the anatomical specimens examined by the surgeon John Hunter. The aim of this installation is to give a voice to the people who have encountered organ transplantation, from patients and their families to donors who helped them; also it wants to move the focus from the heroic surgeons who made transplantations, to the heroic people who dealt with them and survived to tell their stories. Their faces and names are shown in many screens visible at the centre of the museum, while on the second floor we can find a screen room where we can hear their experiences. Those retellings not only bring life inside the museums of dead organs and specimens, also they bring hope and stimulate people to become aware of donating organs. The sound work made by Wynne accompanies the spectator through the whole museum creating a sort of bubble of tranquillity that transforms the visit into a unique experience; in an interview he released to the radio Resonance FM he explained that the sounds he used are related to the persons speaking, for example the recordings of their houses, their gardens or even songs somehow linked to them (Wynne, 2017); knowing this we can have the sensation of feeling closer to the experiences those courageous people. At first we might perceive a contrast between the location and the meaning of the exhibition, but it’s very interesting to see how they actually are strongly linked to each other.



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