Echo City

Echo City is a group of musicians who run projects and performances featuring a range of giant musical instruments crafted by the members. It started as a project with the purpose of the creation of giant instruments and sound sculptures called sonic playground; from 1985 the team has also performed as a band. Some of their first pieces involved a number of conventional instruments playing together with the band’s own devices. Their second album The Sound of Music released by the industrial label Some Bizzarre, was entirely performed using self-made instruments; also the recordings are even more experimental: most of the compositions derived from previous improvisations, they involved field recording examples and the album contained their first use of sampling technology.

Recently the project involved even junk instruments, such as gas pipes, bins, plates, cans, etc. In the workshop Rhythms the rhythmic component derived from traditional Burundi drum patterns.

For me the project is very interesting in terms of experimental music. It is created around the concepts of experimentation, physical creation (of instruments) and improvisation all of which make the band very innovative and peculiar.


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