Philippe Parreno ‘Anywhen’

Anywhen is the name of a gigantic installation created by the French artist Philippe Parreno, under commission of Hyundai Motors; the exhibition can be seen at the Tate Modern inside the Turbine Hall (until April 2 2017). This installation merges many aspects of our contradictory reality, playing with time and space, life and machines, movement and immobility and the idea of a constant and unpredictable changing World. The audience is immersed into a sensory experience induced by ten screens (projecting a variety of different images and videos), plenty of speakers ‘falling’ from the ceiling of the hall (playing different soundscapes) and even flying balloon fishes moved around by air. The key point of this exhibition is that all the events are triggered by a system of bioreactors that read the actions and reactions of microorganisms placed inside a small chamber placed behind the screens; also, the machine reacts to external conditions, such as weather, time and people inside the hall. This piece can be considered as a game with the sense of space perspective and the interaction between life and the inanimate. It also represents life itself in a way: every action in this reality, even the biggest one, is made and decided by smaller events. Experiencing the installation makes you feel as you really are an active component of the surrounding space, a sensation that is not often perceived inside everyday life, especially when we think how small we are compared to the outer space. Also, the building becomes the representation of the World itself, constantly evolving through internal and external factors.

In this video Philippe Parreno presents is piece


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